Research and development

Research qualified vendors, factories and suppliers
Provide design and drawing services through our vendors and partners
New product development

Contracts and International Laws

Prepare exclusivity contract
Prepare and execute product manufacturing and/or purchase contracts
Prepare new product development and copy rights contracts


Supplier audit

Supplier qualification audits
Factory audit
Manufacturer’s history and social standing audit
Manufacturer’s environmental qualification audit


Quality Control and Manufacturing process

Period visits to factory during production phase to document stages of production
Quality control inspections during various stages of production
Final review of all products and documentation for client prior to next phase of shipping


Testing Services

Testing of all products through testing agencies such as ETL, UL and SGS to obtain certifications required by local codes of various countries.
US safety compliance testing
EU Safety compliance testing

Product Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspections
Pre-production Inspections
Product loading supervision


Project Management

Design and engineering services
Onsite installation support
After sales services
DSPCM works on behalf of its worldwide customers as buyer agents and suppliers. DSPCM has the ability to source and assist in financing your projects through its affiliates.